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I'm pretty obsessed with my job—

It's something that has been a challenge for myself. Being in front of a camera can be awkward and uncomfortable. And over time I've come to cherish the photos where I feel good in and have learned to embrace what I see as my imperfections as some of my favorite traits. It is why I am passionate about documenting women and creating portraits that they can fall in love with themselves at this moment in their life. 

I'm inspired by travel and getting lost in new cities near and far. From day tripping to Muir Beach, Napa or one of the many gems of the Northern California or something further, like recently Cuba, I love getting lost in the right direction - chasing the perfect sunset in a new area, some weird road side attraction or art installation 2 hours off the beaten path, or finding the best local coffee shop or old fashion a new local has to offer. When not traveling I can be found making a mess in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, Netflix loving, drinking way too much sparkling water and still chasing the perfect old fashion.

I understand the struggle to see a photo of yourself and like it.

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