March 21, 2020

Covid-19 + Your wedding

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Wedding planning is stressful enough, but with a pandemic on our hands the next couple months leave a challenge of uncertainty for couples and opens up questions for couples down the road.

First and foremost, I am sorry you are going through this right now. While the months leading up to a wedding can be stressful, they are also such a joyous time filled with so many fun activities along the way. I’m sorry for your cancelled parties and the uncertainty in the air right now.

What to prepare for in the next couple months

Katie of Atlas Design Studio recommends couples take it day by day. “With the virus changing daily, don’t get too ahead of yourself with postponing the wedding. If your wedding is mid May or beyond, wait until about 4-6 weeks out before making the final decision. Also, its always better to postpone than cancel if you have secured all your vendors already.”

For her couples later in 2020, Ryanne of Steele My Heart recommended “Not to worry too much right now. We plan on working on all the planning and design we can right now. Work on their task lists, keep their wedding parties on track, etc…and we can cross those bridges when we get there.”

Need to reschedule your date? Here are some tips.

“Cancelling your wedding might cause you to lose money you have already invested. Reach out to your wedding vendors to see how they can accommodate you and what their availability is for the rest of the year! Review your contracts and ask questions!! Diana of Simply Elegant recommends. Also she “would also encourage couples to postpone perhaps after August, if possible, hopefully by then things have changed.”

Update your guest that there is a date change! Diana encourages “Inform your guests of the changes right away and update your wedding website with the new updates as quickly as possible! Especially for those that are traveling should know asap so that they can change their flights and hotel info!”

Be open to a different day of the week. Planning on a Friday or Sunday may open your options of having your dream team all together.

Reach out to your Vendors. While it is unlikely you will need to find all new vendors it may be time to prioritize which are the most important to you. Some of your vendors may be already booked on your new date. Luckily, there are a lot of talented people ready to step up and help!

  • Talk to your current vendors for recommendations. I have a great group of photographers I reached out to for referrals when I am booked with a style similar to mine.
  • Instagram! You can find me by using hashtags like #sanfranciscoweddingphotographer #bayareaweddingphotographer #napawedding. Try the city you are in + the type of vendor.
  • Local Facebook groups! In the Bay Area we have great “Treasures” group. Let people know your date and see who is available.

Elope! Ryanne commits to her couples “Even if the three of us with their families head to the beach and get them married (I’m ordained!)… they will be married…and we will celebrate at some point.”

Getting Married in 2021?

No one expected Covid-19, a great take away from this is around wedding insurance. Who knows what could happen on your date! Katie recommends purchasing wedding cancellation insurance through a website such as wedsafe or wedsure. “This will help protect the deposits you have already paid.”

2021 wedding dates are filling up. Many couples are moving dates. Have a favorite vendor – reach out to them now!

Most importantly!

Your wedding will happen and it will be beautiful.

As Diana of Simply Elegant by Diana, “Stay Safe! We can’t have a wedding if someone gets ill! Practice the recommended healthy guidelines.”

Didn’t cover your questions, email me!

Many thanks to Diana of Simply Elegant, Katie of Atlas Design Studio and Ryanne of Steele My Heart for their advice!


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